A Very Simple Meditation for When You’re Hanging on by a Thread

Adult language alert

I saw this on my Facebook feed and thought it might make some people smile.

Especially if you think you can’t meditate

As you inhale light, imagine yourself filling up with all the wondrous light your whole system will benefit from.

Imagine its glorious, golden healing goodness permeating every part of your being.

And as you exhale the ‘shite’, let yourself release all the energies that no longer serve you.

Imagine them going deep into the earth where they can be recycled for the benefit of the whole planet.

What’s been holding you back can be nourishing for the earth.

You don’t have to hold onto it.

You can let go of EVERYTHING you’re ready to release.

Worried about Coronovirus or another health issue?

Stressing about a relationship?

Angry about _____?

Scared about _____?

RAGING about _____?

FEEL THE FEELINGS and exhale, letting them go.

Each time you inhale, imagine yourself filling with even more of that healing radiant light and each time you exhale let go of more of what isn’t working.

No need to force anything.

And if the language (shite) doesn’t make you smile, you might want to simply exhale whatever’s getting you down.

*In best Elsa voice* (sorry): Let it go.

You might find that three complete breaths, inhaling light, exhaling shite, is enough.

If you have more time or are feeling more AAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH, you might find several minutes of inhaling light and exhaling shite is beneficial.

Anytime you find yourself getting distracted by other thoughts, congratulate yourself for noticing and come back to the awareness of the breath.

Inhale light.

Exhale shite.

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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