Welcome to My New Westport Self Care Coaching, Therapy, Supervision, Yoga (and More) Space

A confidential, tranquil space less than 4km from Westport town centre (free parking)

Some call therapy the ultimate in self care.

It’s not always easy but it’s a commitment to ourselves to show up each week* and address some of the things we’re ready to deal with.

Because my focus is on self care, the clients who see the biggest most lasting improvements are the ones who create new (or return to old) self care care practices and work on themselves between sessions.

We feel better when our resilience improves and when we notice changes for the better in terms of our sleep, stress levels.

This then contributes to our motivation in terms of doing the things that work for us, helping us feel even better and creating a virtuous cycle.

In time, we rewire the brain, creating new neural pathways which help our healthier habits, behaviours, thoughts and beliefs to feel more natural and congruent.

We get better at learning from pain, trauma, anxiety and other feelings (physical and emotional) that we’d often rather do anything than feel.

We have a general sense of improved confidence and purpose, meaning and joy.

This isn’t to suggest that counselling or even coaching is easy.

But it’s worth it.

You’re worth it.

If my approach appeals and you’d like to work with me, we now have four options:

1) Online

I’m continuing with my online practice.

This means we can potentially work together wherever you’re based.

All you need is a good enough internet connection and a device which you can use Zoom on (uses less bandwidth than Skype and is considered to be better for therapy) such as a smartphone, laptop, computer or tablet.

WhatsApp (now securely encrypted) and telephone can be used as a plan b but Zoom is simple and effective.

I work with clients and supervisees across Ireland and the UK (I’m accredited in both countries). I’ve also worked with clients in other countries so do get in touch so we can discuss options.

Online therapy, coaching or supervision isn’t for everyone.

Sometimes, I need to tell people who get in touch that I believe that the issue they want support with would be better dealt with by someone who could be in the same room.

It also simply doesn’t appeal to everyone.

But it has many benefits.

As well as geography, a huge benefit of online work is that I can offer more flexibility in terms of evening sessions.

Clients and supervisees often appreciate being able to work with me from the comfort of their own homes.

2) Outdoor

I started offering outdoor therapy and supervision in the woods in Essex, UK a few years ago.

Wonderful as that was, the Wild Atlantic Way with the sea and mountains (in Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland) is even more beautiful.

It’s not right for everyone or all issues but we can discuss contingency plans in advance if you’d like to try it.

Outdoor sessions can be beneficial for a lot of clients/supervisees and issues.

Nature itself is very healing.

Moving, for people who enjoy the walk and talk therapy or coaching, can help create a sense of movement with issues you might be working with so can be especially helpful if you’ve been feeling stuck.

We might walk for some or all of the session (we’ll agree a potential route in advance) or sit.

And, of course, the weather can be unpredictable so we can use online or indoor sessions as a plan b.

You can read more about my outdoor coaching, therapy and supervision, including what Woman & Home magazine said, HERE

3) Indoor

I’m giving this one an imaginary drumroll: So happy to be offering face to face coaching, therapy, yoga and supervision in Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland.

I have my own SPACE again.

I loved my space in Essex (the last was in a listed building and my teeny tiny yoga studio was featured in Om magazine) but for the past two years, since giving up the lease in anticipation of my move to Ireland (which was then delayed) I’ve been renting spaces on a more temporary basis.

While they’ve been fine, I now have all my tools – including yoga mat and props, crystals and other tools to support my creative, integrative approach – in one tranquil, confidential, beautiful (if I do say so myself) space.

4) A Mix

I’ve been going back to London and Essex every two or three months to mix online with occasional face to face sessions and, if you’re local enough to Westport and would like a mix, we can book some sessions to be face to face indoors, some online and some outdoors.

My approach is always collaborative so it’s about what YOU want (as well as being dependent on my availability, obviously).

If you’d like to work with me, get in touch to find out more about how I can potentially help you with a range of therapies and issues

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

*while most of my sessions are at the same time each week, some clients – after a while – benefit from fortnightly or even monthly sessions.

Single Session Therapy and Breakthrough Coaching Sessions are an option for people, too – whatever your issue/s and priorities, we can discuss the best way forward during your free telephone consultation.

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