There Are So Many Ways to Meditate

What works for you?

The picture I took doesn’t do Rainbow MagnifiCat justice (few do) so am using this artist’s interpretation (by the fantabulous Caroline Chapple).

Still, I did my whole Metta meditation holding Rainbow’s paws this morning.

I used to meditate on my yoga mat, spine as straight as felt comfortable, half lotus etc etc.

Now, my favourite morning meditations are those that start so gently, I simply roll over in bed and hold paws with Rainbow as I send Loving Kindness to everyone I’m sending Metta to that day.

I do more formal meditations on my mat, too. And in the sea, etc etc.

As with so many things related to self care, there can be a lot of rules which CAN be helpful but they can also, unfortunately, mean that some people give up on helpful mind body practices because their inner critics step in and they think they can’t do it.

If you’ve tried to meditate and loved it but haven’t made the time for it since, maybe work with a smaller chunk of time to begin with.

Take the next baby step.

Something that’s manageable and sustainable.

If you haven’t yet found a meditation style that works for you, email me – – tell me what you’ve tried and what you’d LIKE. I might be able to recommend something that works for YOU.

And if you’d like to experiment with a very simple breath practice you can do practically anytime anywhere – holding paws with your cat or dog, holding a baby – you might find this one helpful.

A minute is a great start.

In terms of creating those new neural pathways and retraining the nervous system, it’s better to do a little more often than a big chunk once in a blue moon.

Enjoy those benefits.

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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