Have You Ever Explored Your Resistance to the Things that Can Help You Feel Better?

I love this meme that periodically makes the rounds.

I imagine all these parents, intending for us to have a good start in life – getting enough rest, eating well, having quiet down time and so on – and because they may have been a bit too insistent about it, it felt less like a treat and more like a punishment.

But a part of me feels sad.

So as adults, even if there’s little as indulgent as an early night / lie in, a wonderfully nourishing nutrient rich vegetable soup or smoothie (am happily vegan but balk at salads and actually eating my veg), there’s that part of us that associates it with punishment instead and so we reach for less healthy fare, stay up later etc etc.

Have you ever tried talking to the part of you that resists what might help you feel better?

Behind even the most self destructive or unhelpful behaviours, there’s a positive intention.

What are the benefits of avoiding your greens?

How is this resistance trying to help you?

Am not at all suggesting we give up on our efforts to make healthier self care habitual but that we explore what’s getting in our way so we can work with it.

You might want to use the above questions as journal prompts or simply reflect on them.

And if my approach appeals and you’d like my support you can get in touch to book your free telephone consultation.

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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