A Little Pre Valentine Day Gift for Your Body

Does Your Body Have to Shout to Get Your Attention?

I’m lucky in terms of health (and due to a chronic pain condition, I’ve created SOME of this luck by making so many drastic lifestyle changes in an effort to better support my health).

Still, the past couple of days have been a bit embarrassing as I’ve been fighting off a cold developed by wearing wet shoes and socks for hours on Sunday after the shoes flew into the sea when I was paddling before going out for lunch.

This has NEVER happened before but it was very galey and I was actually lucky to be able to retrieve them.

Still, colds are not my favourite thing.

Apart from the things I’ve not been able to move or reschedule, I’ve been taking it easy, sleeping loads and resting.

Will be fine by the morning (I think).

I’ve just been talking to a colleague turned friend and we’ve been laughing at how easy it is to forget the things we need to do to take better care of ourselves.

What does YOUR body need from you right now?

Are you going to bed too late?

Getting up too early?

In need of a nap more often?

Are you eating nourishing, nutritious and delicious food?

Are you holding tension in your body by not having conversations that need to be had?

Forcing yourself into situations that every fibre of your being experiences as toxic?

Does your body get enough tenderness? From you? From others?

Are you pushing yourself too hard in your workouts?

Are your CRAVING exercise and activity?

What springs to mind for you right now?

What does your body want more of?

Less of?

What will you do – start with one simple thing – to tell your body you love it, even if you don’t always show it?

You might want to take a few minutes to ground your thoughts and reflections by journalling around these questions.

You’ll find other self care tools to help you be your own self care coach throughout the site

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With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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