Cat Coaching #12 – How Focused Are You?

Hi! Iggi here, guest blogging while Evie is with us instead of with Rainbow (who’s in exceedingly good paws herself).

It’s 10 months today since one of my humans drove Evie and Rainbow MagnifiCat from near the east coast of England in Essex to Westport, County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland.

Evie, typically, isn’t known for her focused but she was very focused around this move.

And she’s now working to cultivate more focus in other areas of her life.

Me, on the other hand, well, focus comes naturally.

My humans like to make my treats last longer by putting them in puzzle dishes.

Good for my already excellent mind, apparently.

Some cats might give up but I have mastered the machine.

It has developed more patience than I used to have (our struggles often help us develop qualities it’s useful for us to have).

What do you focus your energy and attention on?

Something you want? Like a treat or several?

Maybe you focus too much time and energy on what you don’t want?

You might want to take a moment to ask yourself what, in your life, demands your time, energy and focus?

I have loads of encouragement from my humans as I access my treats.

It spurs me on when I might otherwise feel like giving up.

What might support you as you work towards the thing you’re ready to focus on?

Meow for now,


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