Some Cleansing Water Visualisations

Every time I wash up, have a shower or a bath or even wash my hands, I imagine the water taking any energies I no longer need as it all drains away.

As if I were a giant crystal I were cleansing.

I find it soothing and even just imagining letting go is calming.

When I paddle or swim in the sea, I imagine any blockages around my direction in life, each next best step, being cleared away.

And I ask for guidance before scuttling on out of there and putting on warm, dry socks.

Sitting by a river or stream or lake, standing or walking in drizzle or rain… water is wondrous.

Next time you’re near or in water, you might want to experiment.

You don’t even need to be there physically.

Depending on our mood, we might visualise a gentle drizzle or a softly lapping sea or river, releasing the energies we no longer need and taking them to be recycled for the benefit of the planet.

Other times, we might feel in need of something stronger, a gushing river, choppy sea, rainstorm…

There’s no right or wrong, simply notice how you feel and what might help you let go of whatever energies are no longer serving you.

You can find meditations and many other self care coaching tools throughout the site to help you be your own self care coach

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With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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