Self Care Coaching to Help You Climb Life’s Metaphorical Mountains

When you think about the decade, year, month, week, days and hours ahead, what metaphorical mountains are you aware of?

Which ones are challenges you’ve chosen for yourself?

These might include house moves, new jobs, expanding families, big projects, activism, creative ambitions and more.

What springs to mind for you?

Which are not necessarily of your choosing?

These might include processing grief and losses (people, jobs, relationships, dreams).

What ‘views’ do you anticipate being worth the climb?

Whether chosen or not, you WILL be stronger when you get through whatever you’re dealing with.

Having said that, life can be challenging enough.

How can you put as many supports in place as possible to help you through whatever metaphorical mountains you’re dealing with?

Obviously, this is easier for chosen challenges.

Even so, am still recovering from my 3 moves in 5 months last year. It has been ultimately amazing but was far tougher than I’d imagined.

Am still having to remind myself to be kinder to myself in terms of expectations (delusions) v reality when it comes to what I can be doing.

Do you ever expect too much from yourself when you’re doing something you’ve never done before (eg. starting a new job, becoming a parent etc?)

Maybe you’re expecting yourself to handle illness, injury, bereavement, redundancy or something else in the way fictional characters seem to breeze through them, telling yourself you ‘should’ be feeling something different?

Obviously, we can’t know what the future holds but by asking ourselves what might support us as we imagine the mountains we plan to or will have to navigate, we can make life that bit easier for ourselves.

Best of all, it helps us get more into the habit of asking ourself in ANY tough moment, WHAT MIGHT HELP ME MOST RIGHT NOW?

We might not be able to access what will help immediately, but it is often possible and transformative.

If you’d like to email me – – to let me know what metaphorical mountains you’re planning on climbing in the foreseeable future, do feel free to do so.

If you’d like my support, find out more about how we might work together and, if my approach appeals, get in touch to book your free telephone consultation.

And, of course, you can access lots of tools to help you be your own self care coach throughout the site as well as reflecting on the questions in this blog and maybe talking to someone you trust or journalling around it.

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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