Cat Coaching for Self Care #11 – Get What You Want AND Continue Feeling Safe

Hi. Rainbow MagnifiCat here again (as translated by my human) for

See this chair? My human’s used a throw she’s had for DECADES but been scared I’ll ruin it. Figures it’s too pretty to keep it hidden away again.

I love it. So many pretty threads to pick at and chew.

It’s just my way of getting some attention (she throws toys down the hallway to distract me. I have her well trained).

My FAVOURITE thing at the moment is to hide under it and when the humans walk past, stick my paw out and grab at their feet.

They howl in surprise and seem to love it as well as being A Little Scared.

When the humans aren’t around, I like to bring my favourite toys under it.

It’s a wonderful thing to have such a good vantage point of the whole house – low rather than my usual higher perches.

I can see everything.

I can plot and plan.

I can focus on what I want and how I’m going to make it mine.

The (toy) starfish, the (toy) mouse… they’re just the beginning.

What do YOU want?

How might you ponder your next steps in order to get it from a place of safety and cosiness?

You humans are all about getting out of your comfort zones but there’s a lot to be said for expanding them instead.

This armchair is bigger than my Under the Duvet spot (although the duvet itself is bigger – I have a more expansive energy from here).

Where do you feel safest and most secure?

When do you feel happiest and most relaxed?

What happens when you ask yourself what you want from this place of already having everything you need?

If you want some support, my human can probably help you.

Meow for now,

Rainbow MagnifiCat

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