Cat Coaching for Self Care #10: Some Feline Wisdom for Your New Decade

Cattitude for a Happy Mew Year

Happy Mew Year!

Rainbow MagnifiCat here again (as translated by her human) from

At time of writing (well, sending my ponderings to my human for translation for y’all), I’ve had a delightful afternoon accepting attention and adoration from Evie’s guests.

One by one, they’ve come to say Hi to me as I stayed under the duvet. Two of them were delighted to have heard me purr.

I understand this. I’m a cat.

We – even us rescues – know our worth.

But many humans struggle.

I need certain things on a regular basis – shelter, amusement, clean litter, food, water, Evie’s eternal love and adoration.

I’m not shy about asking – sometimes I run up and down her and land on her face.

Other times I look pointedly at her.

I also have a range of mews to choose from.

And Evie is delighted to know what I want and need and how to ensure I get it.

This is because I’m clear.

When you think about the decade ahead, how clear are you about what you want and need?

How do you ask? As if you’re ashamed to have such wants and needs? With confidence knowing that even each wrong step brings you closer to the right step ahead?

Are you trying to do too much alone when letting someone help might be exactly what you both need?

Do the people around you want to help you get what you want and need or do you feel like you’re asking for too much?

How are you about supporting them in getting their wants and needs met?

For humans, the reciprocal arrangement is very important.

We cats often get away with meowder because we’re SO adorable but this advice isn’t to suggest that your needs are any more important than anyone else’s.

Ideal world, you’re surrounded by others who want what’s best for you as you want what’s best for them.

You help each other.

And take delight in doing so.

If you’re entering the new decade not knowing HOW to express your wants and needs, don’t worry.

It may take practice but you’ll learn and it will be sooooo worth it.

Meow for now,

Rainbow MagnifiCat

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