Happy Christmas ~ Self Care Coaching for Mind, Body, Heart and Soul

Wishing you the Happiest of Christmases (and any other holidays you’re celebrating).

For your mind, you may want to use your imagination for good. Spend a few moments, any chance you get, imagining the best possible outcome regarding whatever it is that you’re worried about. Get into the habit of thinking about what you want to happen v what you might be dreading. Sounds simple but can be transformative.

For your body, remember that you get to choose what you eat and drink and how active you are. Even if everyone around you is eating and drinking, you can take a few moments, throughout the day, to check in with your own appetite for both. What will you feel better for eating and drinking? Enjoy it and indulge (if you choose to) on your own behalf rather than to make others happy.

For your heart, simply place your hands over your heart centre periodically and sending yourself some extra love, compassion and gentleness anytime you feel like it. Give yourself time to grieve and celebrate lost loved ones. Maybe light a candle for them. Celebrate all the love you have in your life and around the table.

For your soul, do what feels good for YOU. Some find comfort and community in Midnight Mass or whatever services you might celebrate. Make time for some meditation / yoga / contemplation / a walk or whatever you need and want.

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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