Special Winter Solstice / Yule Yoga Nidra

Struggling to relax? Wanting to reduce your blood pressure? Wanting to feel better AND more motivated? Yoga Nidra has so many benefits, these are just a few.

In just over 20 minutes, allow yourself to rest deeply, as befits this time of year.

In the darkness, cold, feeling as if we’re never going to see results, it can be challenging to keep the faith.

But just as we don’t dig up seeds (I’m learning to garden) to check that they actually are growing in the cold, dark earth, we can give ourselves a break and learn to trust all that is developing in the unknown.

You might want to create a Yule Log to help yourself set some intentions for yourself and make the most of this reflective, magical time of year. This blog post has simple steps to help you

Yoga Nidra can help us rest more deeply and connect with our unconscious wisdom as well as deepening the mind body connection in a (usually) relaxing way.

When we’ve been amped up, running on empty or processing trauma, it can be challenging to give ourselves permission to be still and quiet. To turn our attention inwards.

But it gets easier with practice and is so worth it.

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