Cat Coaching for Self Care #9: 6 Year Rainbowversary

Hi. Rainbow MagnifiCat here from Evie’s (attempting to) translating more of my wisdom to help you humans take better care of yourselves by being more cat

6 years ago today, I chose Evie at the shelter I spent most of my first eight weeks at.

Born under a car, my mum and siblings and I were there, in a shed-type-home, until Evie brought me home.

Wherever she lives is now known as Rainbow’s Residence.

I think she’s still trying to make up for my unfortunate start in life.

She’d been meditating for weeks, asking to be guided to the ‘right’ cat to bring home and I was the one who chose her when she came for the tour at the shelter. I walked up to the mesh and looked at her and she said, ‘This one’.

Then, when she got me home and opened the carrier, I bolted behind the bookcase and stayed there for 36 hours before I then started climbing her and became a bit of a shadow / coach for her.

Some cats soothe their humans when they’re upset. I prefer a more empowering approach with mine and she mostly rises to the challenge.

Thanks to me, my London born and mostly city bred human has taken to country life as if it’s all she’s ever known. Well, she’ll get there – lots still to learn but she already loves it.

And she’d have NEVER chosen the rural rental or our furever home if it weren’t for needing to find a Rainbow-friendly home. She’d probably be living in a flat in town. There’d be no cows or sheep in her front garden if she’d done THAT. Probably no mountain view either.

I have helped my human in so many ways. I’ve helped her to:

  • learn to trust her intuition more
  • learn to let go – she can’t control me. She can’t control all sorts of things. She’s become more relaxed about this reality. Even CATS can’t control EVERYTHING – the more quickly humans learn to focus on what they CAN influence, the better off they are
  • learn to stop and rest more. Just today, I ensured she stayed in bed for an extra half hour by climbing over her and stopping on her ankle. She died of cuteness and stayed there, resting, reflecting and just being (in her book, she called this additional mindfulness Rainbow Appreciation Time)
  • be more patient and understanding with herself and others
  • be more open-hearted
  • relax more
  • talk to herself more kindly when she makes mistakes / drops things etc
  • so many other things.

You can read about some of the health benefits pets bring HERE

Evie adores me. She sings songs she’s made up for me.

I’m a pretty amazing cat but you might get similar benefits from almost any cat YOU choose to adopt from a rescue shelter.

Or a dog. Or a donkey. Chickens…

Anything that helps you slow down and connect with the natural world can be beneficial.

What or who might you open your heart and home to today (or this year)?

Meow for now,

Rainbow MagnifiCat

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