What Energy Will You Bring Into 2020?

What energy will you bring into 2020?

I’ll be sharing all sorts of traditional self care coaching tools over the coming weeks for the kind of new year, new start motivations we’re all used to.

But before all that, I’m wondering what transpersonal quality you’d like more of in your life? If you were to think of one quality to guide you in 2020, what might it be?

What ENERGY do you want to bring into 2020?

The more we cultivate what we want in ourselves, bringing that peaceful, patient, joyful, graceful, loving or whatever energy ourselves, the more we surround ourselves with the transpersonal quality.

Assagioli, the creator of psychosynthesis (my core counselling model) talked about ‘evocative words’ and writing these words down as visual anchors throughout your home and workspace, reminding you of your focus and intention to bring more of whatever you’ve chosen into your life.

In my book, 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing, I wrote about using everything from PostIts (which didn’t exist in Assagioli’s time) to children’s bathroom crayons and writing such qualities on my tiles and mirrors.

I attended a psychosynthesis conference in Florence, years ago and part of it included a tour of his former home. One of my favourite things was seeing crystals propping up cards with Patienze and Tranquilitta – it somehow helped me to know that he’d struggled with patience and personal peace, too.

Last year, my theme for 2019 was JOY. You can read more about how and why I chose it HERE

This year, am choosing LOVE.

I want to make as many decisions as possible from an expansive, open-hearted, compassionate perspective (as opposed to fear based, contracted ones).

JOY, this year, was transformative and whatever quality you choose for yourself, it can be a wonderful way to get clarity about what you’re doing and connecting with the most powerful motivators we have – our feelings.

Angel cards (as in the blog post from last year) can be a wonderful way to connect with transpersonal qualities but you don’t need anything other than a moment or two to ask yourself:


Transpersonal qualities include:

  • peace
  • joy
  • love
  • grace
  • serenity
  • hope
  • clarity
  • abundance
  • wellbeing

Let your inner wisdom guide you to ANY quality you’d like more of in the year ahead.

Having this simple focus means you can ask yourself, with any decision, Does this enhance my sense of peace/abundance/serenity etc?

If you’d like to book a Single Session Therapy or Breakthrough Coaching Session to help you find more clarity about what you want, get in touch to book a free, no obligation telephone consultation.

And, as ever, my focus is self care – in this case, true Self care – You might want to journal around it and you can access lots of resources to help you Be Your Own Self Care Coach throughout the site.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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