Everything is Information – Even When We Might Wish it Weren’t

How might even the ickiest of your feelings be trying to help you? Feel Better Every Day with Eve Menezes Cunningham

Do you ever argue with reality?

Wonder WHY something (or someone) is the way it is?

Spend time wishing it (or they) were different?

One of my favourite tools in the book, 365 Ways to Feel Better came from my integrative clinical supervision training with Joan Wilmot and Robin Shohet.

Joan (who also made amazing cakes) would talk about everything being data.

Everything being information.

It’s another form of mindfulness.

Using feelings and thoughts to get to know ourselves better – with curiosity and compassion rather than judgment – can be life changing.

We can stop wasting time and energy wishing things were different and instead embrace all that’s wonderful about life exactly as it is.

We can use our feelings as a GPS, doing as much of what feels good and spending as much time with the people who help us feel better as possible.

Minimising time doing what drains us or feels toxic.

This isn’t to dismiss the impact of painful events and thoughts and feelings but knowing that they will pass (and we can breathe through them or even tap around them) and that we are OK can be helpful.

Once we feel better, we can make tweaks to our lives to USE the information our feelings (including pain, rejection, criticism, frustration, feeling helpless and vulnerable and a whole host of feelings we might prefer to never feel but which have transformative powers when we work with them) offer us.

You might want to journal around a feeling you’d perhaps prefer not to be feeling right now.

If you were to be a detective investigating yourself and what might help YOU feel better every day, what might whatever you’re feeling be trying to communicate?

How is it trying to help you?

What can you learn from it?

As ever, there are lots of tools throughout the site to help you be your own self care coach

And if you’d like my support in working through some of the feelings and getting to know how to better help yourself, you can find out more about working with me and get in touch for a free telephone consultation if my approach appeals.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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