Let the Waves Wash Away Your Stresses and Strains

I’ve written (in features and columns, the book and blog) about the Relaxation Response a lot.

But it’s SUCH a useful tool, am sharing again here, this time with some soothing waves to help, too.

Pick a quality you’d like more of in your life and breathe that quality in.

And breathe that quality out.

Inhale (peace, joy, love, grace, adventure, freedom – whatever you’ve chosen).

And exhale it back out again.

Bring your awareness back to the quality and the breath each time you notice your (human. It’s normal) mind wandering.

According to Dr Herbert Benson’s research, it can take as little as three minutes of doing this to induce the Relaxation Response (aka the body’s natural antidote to the Stress Response – discovered in the same Harvard lab).

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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