Do You Feel Like You Always *Ought* to Feel Motivated? You Don’t!

Do you feel like you ought to be motivated? Feel Better Every Day with Eve Menezes Cunningham blog post

Being motivated is a wonderful thing.

There are all sorts of things we can do to increase our motivation – from feeling that greater sense of purpose, meaning and joy to ensuring we honour the steps we’re taking with little rewards at different stages towards our goals which not only feel good but help increase dopamine production which then aids motivation.

Having said that, we are human beings.

We have our ups and downs.

Days when we might feel invincible and days when we barely want to get out of bed.

Before using the self care tools for motivation in your toolkit (there are several in the blog and book), you might want to give yourself permission to just BE.

By resting when we need to rest, giving ourselves a break, going to bed early or sleeping in and doing other things that may feel ‘lazy’, we’re actually allowing the nervous system to go into rest/digest (parasympathetic) mode.

This not only reduces stress and anxiety but helps us come back with more energy, ideas, creativity and grace.

Obviously, we have different schedules at different times but there’s always SOMETHING we can do to make life a little easier and gentler.

When you think about your motivation levels this week, as well as doing the things that help you get into a more resourceful, motivated state, you might want to ask yourself, when can you take a break? What can you take OFF your plate?

There are lots of tools throughout the site to help you be your own self care coach

If you’d like my support, you might want to see some of the ways in which we might work together and get in touch for a free telephone consultation if my approach appeals at this time.

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, let everything be information.

Let feeling unmotivated give you permission to rest, recharge and regroup.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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