What Might Help You Speak Up for Yourself More?

Did you read about Emilia Clarke’s early film set experiences in today’s Metro?

While I doubt (though ‘Welcome!’ if you ARE) many Hollywood stars are reading this, we can probably all relate on some level.

When you relfect back over your life so far, does an incident spring to mind for you?

A time when you felt uncomfortable for whatever reason?

Where someone – anyone – in a position of power didn’t honour that power and instead abused it?

Where you hid your tears or shame and didn’t speak up for yourself?

Obviously, therapy can help but you can be your own self care coach too and take a few moments to shower that younger version of yourself – a you with fewer options, perhaps, less confidence or whatever kept you silent and alone on your suffering – with SO MUCH LOVE.

Enormous compassion.

Healing energies.

Self-empathy (blaming ourselves for not protecting ourselves makes things worse).

You might want to journal a little: How have these experiences shaped you?

How might you use the lessons to help yourself, perhaps your children / young relatives and loved ones, perhaps on a larger scale, anyone else?

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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