Cat Coaching for Self Care #8: Use Your Power Judiciously

Hi, George here.

Another of Eve’s friend’s cats. The best.

She’s going to attempt to translate some words of wisdom from me today.

I am, as you can see, mighty, magnificent and wondrous to my core.

Some felines attempt to take advantage of my generous, majestic nature and I will tolerate the headlocks and thwacks up to a point but then, I simply swat them away.

When you think about YOUR life, how much time and energy do you waste tolerating things and people you don’t need to?

How do you feel when you do the human version of a gentle swat when others are crossing boundaries?

Is it as effortless as my purrfect paws make it look or do you worry that you don’t have the right to set and assert whatever boundaries are needed in your life?

I hope you’ll learn to remember that you have the right to feel howEVER you feel and set whatever boundaries are right for YOU.

You don’t need anyone else’s permission to feel the way you feel.

Use your power judiciously but remember that you HAVE power.

Meow for now,


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