Cat Coaching for Self Care #7: Be Unlimited

Hi, I’m Smudge.

Evie is on the road this week and I agreed that in Rainbow MagnifiCat’s absence, she could (attempt to) translate some wisdom from moi.

I even let her hold my paws for a while…

I am, as you can see, beYOND adorable. I’m beloved by my entire household and all who visit.

My older adoptive brothers let me get away with all sorts. My humans regularly stop me annoying them TOO much but I love to thwack them on the head and get them into headlocks.

Because I’m so small and adorable, they can’t quite believe it.

But I’ve been fearless from Day 1.

I was born in a shelter on a footpath in some woods by a factory. From a long line of what dome humans call ferals. But LOOK at me.

I scrub up (literally. They gave me THREE baths for all the ground in dirt) pretty well if I do say so myself.

Once I found my forever home – I assume. I have landed on my paws so so well here – home with Evie’s friend and her family, I mentally and emotionally unpacked immediately.

I quickly won over the whole household, snuggling into their necks, crooks of elbows and hoolikittening around my new domain.

Sure, I had a rough start in life but I generally expect and experience things working out for the best.

I’m still finding my voice – experimenting with sounds as I mew – but I refuse to let my past define me.

When you think about your own life, are there people who treat you as ‘just’ a feral or do you see your magnificence reflected in their eyes as they treat you with the love, care, dignity and compassion all beings deserve?

Even if you’ve had an unfortunate start in life or event/s, you can heal. You can start – right now if you haven’t already – accepting the best from others as you give your best yourself.

Obviously, none of us can be on our best behaviour 24/7. That’d be WAY too exhausting to sustain.

Do you have people who accept you – adore you, even – when you’re simply resting?

Who give you the freedom, space and empathy to be your SELF?

I wish for y’all what I’ve found for myself.

Be unlimited. No matter who you are or where you come from, know that there’s a part of you that is already whole, healed and free.

Meow for now,


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