If any of these resonate, feel free to adopt them yourself:

  1. light the fire even if (or especially) it’s Just You at home
  2. batch cook some delicious soups and meals (typing this realised I haven’t left myself enough time to DO this today – progress not perfection…)
  3. choose the bath over the shower – with the heating on, it makes economic sense but STILL feels very indulgent, time wise
  4. meditate in bed (to be fair I do this year round – I love my duvet. But especially as it gets cooler… makes my morning meditation more enjoyable than potentially punitive. Where – if you CHOOSE (please don’t use the intention to meditate as yet another thing on your To Do list which only serves to make you feel bad for NOT doing it) do you most enjoy meditating? In case it’s helpful, here’s a link to a short version of what I do each day
  5. go with what feels good when it comes to my walks and morning yoga instead of rushing / telling myself to do more
  6. plan lots of things to look forward to – I love November (my birthday month) but with the bulk of winter ahead, it’s a balance between enough downtime alone and enough with loved ones etc
  7. speak up when needed – in any situation – with as open a heart as possible (towards ourselves when we are a bit clumsy in our communication as well as towards those we disagree with)

How about you?

If you’d like some support in prioritising your self care and my approach appeals, get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation telephone consultation.

And, of course, it’s SELF care. You don’t need me or anyone else when you trust your own inner wisdom, impulses, moods and instincts. You can access lots of resources to help you be your own self care coach throughout my site.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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