Cat Coaching for Self Care #6: Decide for Yourself What’s Lucky

Hi, Rainbow MagnifiCat here again (as translated by Evie) from

I’m almost entirely black.

And some think this makes me unlucky.

Which is clearly ridiculous.

I’ve had good luck and bad luck.

I have a pretty healthy sense of my own importance in Evie’s life (her songs to me and names like Creature of Wonderment and Divinity, Purrfection Pawsonified and worse make me feel that I’m on the right track with this).

But I don’t for a second believe that I bring good or bad luck.

Why would humans give away their power away like that?

Do you ever forget that you get to make your own luck?

That by being more open and thinking of life itself as on your side you’ll attract wonderful things without blaming black cats or anything else?

What might be different if you imagined yourself as the luckiest creature alive?

What opportunities would you make the most of?

What might you attempt if you felt confident in the likelihood or even possibility of success?

With even failures giving you the information to help you do better next time?

This Hallowe’en, rather than scaring yourself and giving your power away, how might you remind yourself that you make your own luck?

How might you own ALL aspects of yourSELF? Those you consider lucky? Unlucky? How might you love and accept your whole self?

Meow for now,

Rainbow MagnifiCat

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