Cat Coaching for Self Care #5: Know that You’re Furnomenal

Hi. Rainbow MagnifiCat from, here again (as translated by Evie).

Cat Coaching for Self Care and confidence

If someone told you how furnomenal you are, would you be more likely to:

a) believe them and say, ‘Thank you!’ or

b) cringe and change the topic?

In my experience – 6 years on this wondrous planet last week! – most humans do the latter!

Some cats are the same – a human might approach them saying how divine they are and they look around to see who the real recipient of the compliment might be.

But mostly, we felines know our worth.

I was born in the street under a car. Spent my first eight weeks in a shelter. But I know I’m worth all the adoration my human and her guests offer.

When you think about the humans you share your life with or see the most, do they know you’re furnomenal or does it somehow suit them to have you doubting your innate value as a being on this planet?

The more time we spend people who don’t necessarily have our best interests at heart, the more we doubt ourselves and forget how furnomenal we ARE.

Who in your life brings out the best in you?

Who encourages you?

Who makes you feel like the luckiest human alive simply by sitting on your lap and purring? Or a human equivalent of that?

How might you spend less time with the people who somehow make you feel like you’re wanting too much and more with those who you feel great around?

How might you make more time for all the furnomenal people in your life?

How can you make more time for connecting with that furnomenal part of yourself?

You – just like cats. Just like cows. Just like the ocean, the most magnificent tree or stunning flower – are divine.

When you let yourself believe – in the very core of your being – that you truly ARE furnomenal, you’ll start being more cat like and naturally putting all those self care coaching tools in place – resting when you need to, eating when hungry, drinking when thirsty, scaling great heights and enjoying life from different perspectives.

How does it feel to even imagine connecting with that furnomenal part of yourself?

Meow for now,

Rainbow MagnifiCat

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