Some Self Care Contradictions

We live in such either/or, black and white times, the nuances of life often get overlooked.

When we have a more flexible approach, realising that self care (amongst other things) can be complex – both/and – it can be easier to tap into what the friendliest self care choice of any given moment is.

One day it might mean one choice, the next another seemingly contradictory one.

Here are some examples of what self care can mean:

  • Choosing the healthy option AND choosing the delicious option (how wonderful when there’s overlap)
  • an early night AND the indulgence of staying up late with loved ones / new friends / an enjoyable film / book
  • getting up early to fit your workout in AND a lie in
  • not getting sucked into an argument AND using your voice in an argument (with compassion for yourself and others)
  • making time to write / paint / for that rehearsal etc AND giving yourself permission to watch comfort telly
  • ignoring all the housework / admin etc AND getting organised and staying on top of things
  • a nap AND working late to get what needs to be done done
  • staying in your pjs for a day AND making an extra effort with your appearance
  • a workout you feel for days AND a leisurely stroll / swim / that day’s yoga being something as simple as Child pose

As ever, it’s about what’s right for YOU.

A simple way to help you decide might be to ask yourself if your choice (whatever that might be) feels like something that will feel better for you right now AND be a good choice for Future You.

Ultimately, when our self care is strong, our mental health and wellbeing as well as physical health, happiness and sense of fulfillment all flow easily.

We feel more balanced, more resilient and more at ease.

Let me know if you’d like my support.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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