Self Care Coaching Quick Tip: Just 5 Minutes in Nature for a Mental Health Boost

I’ve been benefitting big time from all the time I’ve been spending in nature since moving to Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way in wondrous Westport.

And in terms of my practice, as well as continuing with my online work, I’ve been loving the outdoor self care coaching, therapy and supervision sessions whether we’re walking and talking (sometimes integrating some yoga therapy) or sitting and talking.

My yoga therapy background and personal experience means I’m an enormous fan of movement as a simple way to boost our mental health and wellbeing. You can access lots of free videos to help you do this yourself at home HERE.

If even that feels too arduous, research recently published in the Journal of Positive Psychology found that a 15 minute break in nature was no more beneficial than a 5 minute break for the college students taking part in the study.

And the students were simply outside. All you need is a bench (or dry grass or to stand).

The healing power of nature does the rest.

The key is to be fully present (not glued to our devices).

So next time you tell yourself you don’t even have time for a 20 minute walk, give yourself a 5 minute break and step out into The Great Outdoors.

Feel the air (sunshine? wind? rain? Here on the Wild Atlantic Way, we get it all) on your face.

Notice the feel of the ground or bench or whatever you’re in contact with.

Pay attention to the sounds of nature (or the city).

Notice any smells and tastes.

What emotions feel the strongest for you?

Self care doesn’t have to be complicated to bring big benefits.

Just five minutes outside could help you improve your day and boost your mental health.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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