Cat Coaching for Self Care #4: Be Clear About What You Want

Hi, Rainbow MagnifiCat from again (as translated by Evie), sharing more feline wisdom for you humans.

I love making* my human get up and open the door for me to go out. Or come in.

She stands up, walks across the room, opens the door, asks if I want in or out.

Sometimes (often), as I mentioned in last week’s Cattitude post, she calls me Brexit Cat.

I don’t know what this means as she hates Brexit but loves me and she says it while laughing.

Sometimes, I mew to get her up and to the door. Other times I paw at it like I’m really keen to go out.

And 99% of the time, when she gets to the door, I run to the other side of the house.

Sometimes, this is because of the boiler outside. It sounds like a monster. Evie says it’s to give us heat but, well…

Other times, I just change my mind. Sometimes, I like going our in the wind and rain. Other times I refuse.

Evie continues to see if I want to go out, partly because she can use all the practice building patience muscles she can get (and she adores me so I’m good training for her) and partly because she thinks that the more I’m out and about, the more calm I’ll be when she’s ready to sleep.

Mwah hahahahahaha.

Today, I surpassed myself. Evie finally said I needed to help her understand what I wanted. So I ran from the door and jumped onto the sofa, then the chair and stood expectantly next to my treat jar.

Happy to know what I wanted, Evie laughed and got me a treat.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Let people help you. They LIKE it.

I’m purrfection pawsonified. Utterly adorable. Evie is (mostly) happy to be patient and decode my mews.

You humans have words.

Use them.

Be clear about what you want and need.

Own it.

Ask for it.

Go for it.

And, if you change your mind, own that too. As more information becomes available, you might decide against what you previously wanted. That’s fine.

Make each decision for yourself based on whatever feels best in each given moment.

I can’t know what the weather will FEEL like until the door is open and I feel the rain on my whiskers.

Sometimes, I’d be purrfectly happy hanging out in between worlds – half in, half out – but now it’s getting cooler, Evie isn’t leaving the door open for me.

Get the additional information YOU need and then make each next best decision.

Asking for what you want and need is fine. Changing your mind is fine.

It’s ALL fine.

Meow for now,

Rainbow MagnifiCat

*I don’t make her do anything. She chooses

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