Self Care Coaching for When Life’s Storms are Strengthening Your Roots and You’re Exhausted

I filmed this on Friday morning after Lorenzo had passed by. I’d been hoping that the trees’ roots would be strengthened rather than ripped out by the ferocity of the winds.

When I’m going through stormy times in life, grounding always helps and imagining my roots getting stronger as a result also helps

AND, I think of Oprah saying, ‘Lord [Universe/Goddess/God/Divine Love/whatever you want to call that force], please don’t teach me anything new today’.

Sometimes, we feel too battered by life’s storms to be able to learn from the new life lessons.

We may know our soul is evolving in some way – maybe you’re being tested around one of your repeating lessons like boundaries / keeping your focus on self care rather than always adapting to please others etc etc etc – but just want a break.

When life is being stormy, it’s more important than ever to prioritise as much self care as possible. To be as gentle with ourselves as we can.

Not to give up in the face of challenges but to surround ourselves with as much support as possible.

When you think if a storm in your own life – current or predicted – how can you ground and stand strong and steady as you navigate it?

How can you give yourself as many breaks from the situation as possible without losing ground by doing so?

Can you remind yourself of your resilience by thinking about all the storms you’ve already survived and thrived in spite of?

If you’d like my support in dealing with any current, past or future challenges, you can find out more about how we might work together HERE

You can also be your own self care coach and access grounding yoga poses and other practices HERE as well as journalling around the questions above.

If you take a brief moment to imagine Future You, stronger, steadier and through this storm, what information does s/he have for you?

What encouragement and support?

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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