Cat Coaching for Self Care #3 – Cattitude

Hi! Rainbow MagnifiCat from, back again to share some #mondaymotivation as translated by my human.

Evie is regularly in awe of me… That sentence alone is enough but this post is specifically about a particular thing that is far from unique to me but many humans don’t do it.

It’s so simple, I hope this will encourage you to try it.

Imagine there’s something you want to do. For me, it’s usually things like:

  • wanting to go out
  • wanting to come back in
  • wanting to be all Brexit Cat and have it both ways
  • wanting food
  • wanting to play
  • wanting belly rubs
  • wanting to be scooped up for cuddles
  • wanting to use Evie’s back or shoulder as a bridge / ladder to help me climb and leap – I can do it myself but she likes to help. Says it gives her life ‘purpose and meaning

Sometimes, I mew. Sometimes I howl. Sometimes I just LOOK at Evie and she leaps up to help me make my dreams a reality.

She loves to help me do what will make me happy.

My letting her help me is good for HER.

Yet you humans so rarely allow other humans that same pleasure.

My feline friends and I don’t understand it.

Think of something you want, right now.

Who do you know (or know of) who could help you make that a reality or at least a step closer?

What’s stopping you asking for support in a way that respects them and allows them to choose whether they say yes or no but which also makes it clear that them doing ___ would be helpful?

Sometimes, even THINKING about how you might get closer to your equivalent of the top of the wardrobe might help you identify the many, many people who would love to help you and other resources you have access to.

As you think about the week ahead, you’re welcome to borrow some of my confidence: Imagine your week going amazingly well. Each step being enjoyable, as effortless as possible, graceful, easy and fun. You can add in other feelings you want to feel, too.

Imagine yourself surrounded by people who want what’s best for you like Evie wants what’s best for me.

People who WANT to know how to support you and make your life easier.

Sometimes, we cats think you humans have too many words. So much talking and yet you rarely let others know what you actually need and want. Then you get upset when others don’t understand.

Our noises sometimes get dismissed as caterwauling but we felines know how to make ourselves clear.

We know we’re lovable and worthy. Why would we not be? Everything and everyone on the planet IS. Just the way you ARE. Not when you x, y or z.

I’m a rescue cat. Born under a car in Essex. Liven in a shelter the first eight weeks of my life. But I’m MUCH more suited to this life. Some call me pampered but I am purrfection pawsonified.

So my encouragement for you this week is to act as if you know your worth. Live your life with some cattitude.

Remember to show your appreciation for the help and support you get, too.

Your purrs probably won’t do it the way ours do but you’ll think of other ways to say, ‘Thank you for helping me get what I wanted’.

Meow for now,

Rainbow MagnifiCat

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