Tree Planting Party Preparations – And a Way in Which Y’all Can Be Here in Spirit

A few months ago, when feeling overwhelmed about all the house moves (3 in 5 months), I decided to give myself something to look forward to by planning a tree planting party.

I invited lots of new friends and acquaintances and thought happy thoughts about putting down roots and setting intentions for ourselves and for the planet and those intentions growing with the trees.

I’d never planted anything in the ground (have never had my own garden so have only planted things in planters) but, a few weeks ago, a new friend gave me a couple of sycamore treelings that had been growing too near her house and we planted them.

My plan in booking the tree planting party 6 weeks after I thought I was moving was my thinking I’d be all settled by then.

Delays with the move and unpacking (getting there) meant I considered postponing but I am now on track for all to be ready for next weekend and am really looking forward to it.

I’ve asked people to bring an intention for themselves and for the planet. If they’re drawn to adding a little crystal tumblestone (I have a selection. No need to bring any), they can do that too.

This morning (having been up until 3am ordering trees online – I don’t recognise my life anymore but I love it), it occured to me that while not all my loved ones can BE here (most are in the UK and elsewhere), they – and any of YOU with an interest in setting an intention for yourself and for the planet – can be here in spirit.

If you were physically here, you could write your intentions and pop them in the ground by your chosen tree without anyone else seeing your intentions.

I can’t figure out a way to have you do that from afar but I CAN keep your intentions completely confidential if you’d like to email me –

It might be a sentence or a word.

I’ll write them on a small piece of paper and plant them with the tree you choose.

Here’s a little information about the trees I’ve ordered and what their traditional associations are. If one or more resonates for you at this time, feel free to choose it.

Regarding the actual intention setting, it’s something I start my yoga classes with, my days with and a lot of my individual sessions and workshops.

When we know what we want, we’re more likely to make little choices and decisions that move us in that direction.

What do you want? For yourself? For your loved ones? For your community? Your work? Your health? Your soul?

What about your hopes for the planet?

There are your intentions! Simple.

APPLE – Choices, love, good health, future happiness, believing that anything is possible and healing

MOUNTAIN ASH / ROWAN – Knowledge, strength, empowerment, healing, psychic energies and protection.

OAK – Strength, security, safety, power, ancient wisdom and leadership

PEAR – Love, birth, growth, comfort, gift from angels and longevity

PLUM – The dopamine of trees – anticipation of reward, sweet anticipation

SYCAMORE – Spiritual rebirth, eternity, strength, divinity and protection

For those of you who are coming, am REALLY looking forward to seeing y’all.

And for others wanting to help their own intentions grow, am glad I thought of this option in time!

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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