This meditation (in today’s video) is adapted from one from Thich Nhat Hanh. It’s one of my favourites and I included it in my book, 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing.

It felt especially lovely sharing it in front of the Reek (Croagh Patrick) as mountains stay strong and steady no matter what’s going on.

And there’s a LOT going on in the world. By prioritising our self care, we’re able to engage and hopefully improve things from a place of compassion and love.

The simple act of owning our own feelings means we’re less likely to project them out onto others.

This simple meditation allows us to both own our feelings and roll our eyes at ourselves and smile as we connect with that observer aspect of ourselves.

We remember that we’re so much more than our feelings.

As with all mindfulness meditations, self compassion is key. It’s natural to want to welcome some feelings more than others.

It’s all simply information.

And pretty miraculous in terms of how quickly we notice the shift in emotions when we stop trying to argue with how we’re feeling and instead actually feel and welcome everything.

If you’d like my support, you can find out more about my yoga and meditation and crystal coaching options (I also integrate mindfulness meditation into self care coaching, therapy and supervision when appropriate).

Get in touch if you like the sound of my approach.

And, of course, the focus of all my work is supporting you – through the tools in the blog and on the site and so on as well as through one to one work, workshops and classes – in supporting yourself. Self care.

You don’t need anyone to simply sit and name each feeling you notice and welcome each feeling you notice.

Simple (but not easy) and potentially transformational.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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