How Self Care is Far from a Luxury

When we’ve been ill, we quickly (or eventually) learn to pay closer attention to what our bodies need rather than trying to ignore that wisdom just because it feels inconvenient.

We weren’t wired for modern 24/7 lifestyles.

It’s no wonder our bodies and minds (and hearts and souls) sometimes need to scream at us to get our attention.

But when we learn – even when we continue to forget (we are still human) – it becomes easier to get back on track faster.

Self care is so often sold to us as yet more things to DO.

Expensive, luxurious… a bit frivolous.

But it’s really about listening to our Self.

Yes, it’s often inconvenient but ultimately so rewarding.

What is your Self trying to tell you right now? If you tune into that highest, wisest, truest, most miraculous part of yourself and really listen, what wisdom is trying to emerge?

Can you take a few moments for a quick mind, body, heart and soul audit right now? (Or return to this post later on,)

Sitting comfortably, ask yourself:

What does your mind need right now?

What kinds of thoughts are you most conscious of? Are they friendly? How might you rest your mind more? Are you getting enough sleep?

Is there an area (or more than one) of life where you feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall? Would meditation help?

Is it a matter of having too much on your mind? Would getting organised help?

When we’re in our heads, it can be challenging to open up to the wisdom of our unconscious minds but if you want to, see what comes up for you.

What one simple self care act does your mind want from you right now?

You might want to make some notes or draw or doodle or make mind maps, lists… whatever works for you.

What does your body need right now?

Take a few moments to make yourself more comfortable and listen.

If you can make the time now or later on, here’s a body scan with a twist meditation I recorded a couple of years ago to help you tune into each part of your body.

Even if you don’t have time for a full body scan, you can quickly scan your body top to toe and pay attention to the areas that might be trying to get your attention.

Is part of your body yelling at you? Maybe it’s so used to you ignoring it there’s an ‘Ah, what’s the point?’ vibe now that you’re open to listening? If so, practice. It’ll get easier.

It’s about rebuilding trust with your body. We’re socialised to ignore them from an early age but paying attention to your own signals about when to move, sleep, eat, use the toilet etc are all steps in a friendlier direction.

How often have you known you’re hungry/tired/stiff/need the loo and instead of honouring this very simple signal from your body, you’ve over-ridden it?

Your lifestyle may not be conducive (post industrial revolution) to 100% doing what your body wants and needs but it’s amazing how many tweaks we can make to our schedules to honour the one and only body we have.

What one simple self care act does your body want from you right now?

What does your heart need from you right now?

How does your (metaphorical) heart feel right now? Heavy? Light? Joyful? Expansive? Leaden? Dead? Broken?

You might want to place your hands on your heart centre (the middle of the chest) as you make yourself comfortable and tune into your heart energy.

Who do you want to reach out to?

Who do you maybe need less of?

What makes your heart sing?

How can you do more of this?

What makes your heart sink?

How can you do less of this?

How does it feel to listen to your heart, even for a few minutes?

If you felt your heart was resilient enough, who would you open it to? Are there individuals you close your heart to?

Maybe groups of people because the idea of [global or political horror show] makes your heart feel so heavy you can’t breathe?

What could you do, right now (or later today) to support your own heart, to feel more wholehearted?

How might you then share that richness with others?

You might find Metta (Loving Kindness) meditations helpful – I include one each morning as part of my meditation practice. My book has examples and more information and I’ll record a new one soon. You can also read more HERE

And you can simply set an intention to send Loving Kindness, peace, love or any other healing quality to a part of yourself or a person or a group of people you’re worried about.

What does your soul need from you right now?

I’m living the dream – sitting in the dark, listening to the rain outside as I write, living amongst the trees, by the sea and mountains… It’s been a long journey to get here but my soul craved it and I’m so happy it led me here.

Your soul might need more nature, more people, more animals, more…. listen… there’s so much wisdom in what lifts us and what drains us.

Often, we try to stop ourselves being judgmental but really, discernment can be transformative.

Maybe it’s not about where you want to live but how you spend your time.

What does your soul need more of?

Do you feel happy and fulfilled? Does your life feel meaningful or are you craving a sense of purpose?

What might that feel like?

If you had the energy and believed in yourself, how would you most like to be serving the planet? What cause/s do you feel most drawn to?

You might want to journal or simply answer in your head or with someone you trust.

Self care truly is free.

We just need to remind ourselves that we’re worth the time and effort.

And, it can be challenging to keep ourselves on track so, obviously, do feel free to get in touch if my way of working appeals and you’d like to book a free telephone consultation.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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