Self Care Toolkit for Almost Duvet Days

Those days where you don’t HAVE to do as much as you normally do.

Where the usual adrenaline surges that help you do everything are absent. And you think that maybe a duvet day is just what you need.

But after catching up on a little sleep you recognise that while you might not have the energy to x, y and z, you CAN use the energy you have to pay closer attention to what your mind, body, heart and soul are crying out for.

These are some of the things that help me when I don’t have much energy to do the things that normally work. I hope they’ll either help you too or remind you of things already in your own toolkits that may be in need of some dusting off.

Choose a crystal – If you’re drawn to stones and crystals, ask to be guided to one to support you and bring you comfort and ease (or set some other intention for yourself). This video has more guidance. I sometimes wear the same pendant and rings (all my hard working jewelry chosen for specific intentions) for ages, simply cleansing them regularly. Other times, I change them every day or so. I also choose stones to place under my pillow or simply to hold

Get on your mat – I love the mornings where I do a full yoga, meditation and eft practice. But my daily practice simply about getting onto my yoga mat (or imagining it if I don’t even have the energy to set it out or I’m elsewhere). This morning, I thought I’d be lucky to manage one or two poses but by paying attention to the ways in which my body wanted to move, I did more than I expected. Some of my favourite poses for almost duvet days are Cat/Cow (a wonderfully simple stretch to connect with the breath and deepen the mind body connection), Supine Twists (also, twists are great for helping us metaphorically digest what might be going on in our lives), Lion and Hare (for consciously releasing those stresses and strains that are depleting us). I also adore Restorative Fish and Legs Up Against the Wall but on almost duvet days, generally lack the energy to grab my bolster or shuffle on over to a wall to put my legs up against. Forward Folds are another almost every day delight – What are your favourites for getting started (or making up your complete practice) on low energy days?

Imagine yourself tapping – For those days where even tapping gently feels too energetic, you might want to try imagining tapping. The self-empathy that comes from articulating how we’re feeling can be healing in and of itself. You can access videos and more information HERE

Get out – A walk (if up to it, swim, cycle, run, climb – do whatever feels good for you) can be just a few steps or several km. Listen to what your body wants and needs today

Eat well – I used to write about nutrition but am a junk food loving vegan. Where I don’t have smoothies and soups readily available, I notice a dip in my mood almost instantly. Food, as Bridget Jones eventually realised, is fuel. The more we can nourish ourselves with nutritionally rich foods and drinks, the more energy we have. For me, preparation is everything as without it, I’d happily live on crisps and bourbons. What foods are easy for you to make and which are nourishing and healthy?

These are self care practices. The more we do them, the more we benefit.

If you’d like my support with any of these or other issues I work with, you can find out more and get in touch if you’d like to chat about potentially working together.

And, of course, you don’t need me or anyone else to pause and simply listen to your own mind, body, heart and soul.

Simple steps can lead to transformation.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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