An Overview of My Trauma Sensitive Yoga Approach for One to One Sessions, Classes and Workshops

Westport friends! Anyone who’s remotely interested in yoga but feels too bewildered by the vast array of styles on offer to make it to any class! The new Westport Yoga Community group on Facebook is bringing local Westport based yoga teachers and therapists together so people wanting to find a yoga class or therapist or workshop can do so more easily.

The page is a fantabulous idea by Thelma Gibbons.

I tried so hard to avoid jargon in the video introducing my services, I didn’t even mention that the trauma sensitive approach is core to all my classes, workshops and services.

Yoga is bodywork we do with our own bodies. This is especially beneficial when interpersonal trauma stops us trusting other types of bodywork which might be beneficial.

We can gently heal ourselves.

You don’t have to have survived a big or little t trauma to benefit from a gentle approach – lots of us struggle to relax and sleep and yoga and mindfulness – as well as Yoga Nidra – can be wonderful tools to help us ease into that more relaxed way of being.

As with everything, it’s a practice.

You can find out more about my yoga and meditation services HERE

You can find out more about my trauma therapy services HERE (this includes yoga, counselling, EFT and more).

And you can access a wide array of videos and articles HERE

Most of my work is online so, wherever you’re based, I hope you find this information helpful.

And now that I’m settling in Westport, I’m really looking forward to thinking about yoga classes and workshops after this next move.

The different styles of yoga was one of the many things that appealed to me about Westport when I was looking for my new hometown.

Am extremely excited to be able to experiment with all these different styles available as I move closer into town and get to try other local instructors’ classes and workshops.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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