Couch Coaching: If Jessica Fletcher Came to Me for Coach-Therapy

This blog post is part of my occasional series in which I imagine fictional or historical characters coming to me for coach-therapy. If you have any suggestions for characters to feature in future posts, I’d love to hear from you. This week, I’m imagining Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury).

Hi Jessica,

You are amazing.

Such resilience. When your husband of many decades died, you mourned him but also, it seems, found a new sense of purpose, meaning and joy through your writing.

You have friends both locally, in the almost idyllic seeming Cabot Cove and around the world.

I used to say I wanted to be like you when I grew up. Just without all the dead bodies.

You seem fearless both when it comes to taking risks with your writing and, when you happen to stumble across dead bodies.

So so many corpses.

You never scream. You honour the humanity of the loss of life – you’re not cavalier about it. And you get down to the business of solving each and every murder.

Still, the close calls you’ve had, the things you’ve seen – I’m glad you’ve come for online trauma therapy and support. I look forward to sharing self care tools for you to experiment with and also to listening as you explore your feelings about whatever you choose to revisit from so many years of close calls and scares.

As you said, some of your friends have stopped visiting and inviting you places in order to avoid the inevitable police investigations.

We can explore some other ways in which you might enjoy life knowing you don’t have to do the sheriff’s job in order to bring value to all the lives you’ve touched.

Some of what we talk about might go quite deep, working with the unconscious. And we can also look to your future and think of the kind of life you’re wanting to create for yourself now. Online coach-therapy means we can work with whatever feels most pressing for you in any given session – I’m here to listen.

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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