Happy Veganversary to Me! Making Lifestyle Changes to Free Up More Energy

It’s two years today since I went vegan.

What’s that got to do with self care?

For me, everything. Having been veggie on and off (mostly on but those carnivorous in between times were delicious) since I was 11, the idea of going vegan hadn’t occurred to me until it did.

I gave myself a week to eat as much meat (and Wotsits – I still miss Wotsits) as possible and then did it.

And while I’m awkward (I have the tastes of a toddler, there are many vegetables I don’t like and I’m highly allergic to peppers), it feels so good for me.

Yes, I have more processed foods and vegan meat replacements than is probably healthy but I find it simpler and easier being vegan than I ever did being vegetarian.

Is it animal derived? If so, not an option for me.

If not, woo hoo!

I lost about a stone and a half without trying as Wotsits were no longer a regular dinner. But there are so many delicious meals, snacks and desserts available, it’s genuinely easier than I ever expected.

Buying toiletries etc and clothes, thanks to the internet and smart phones is much easier than it would have been, too.

You might already be vegan or have no intention of going vegan. I believe that this is right for me and that everyone knows what’s best for themselves.

I’m sharing it because every choice we make has an impact. I care about the environment and human rights and often feel overwhelmed when thinking about sweatshops, palm oil, microbeads etc.

My choices are far from perfect.

But I’m definitely happier having taken this (actually pretty small) step to live more harmoniously with the planet.

What do you care about?

How might you make some tiny tweaks or major changes (depending on what you want to do) in order to live in a way that’s more aligned with your values?

What might that free up more energy for in your life?

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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