Quick and Breezy Clearing Meditation

In today’s video, I shared a very speedy meditation practice.

If you want to go deeper, take as many more breaths as you want and, with each exhalation, imagine it gently sweeping away and stresses, strains, tensions, worries, pains and anything else that you’re ready to let go of.

You can visualise the breath going up from your nostrils and out through the crown of your head as you release any headaches.

You can also let those exhalations go down, into your torso and further, out through the legs and tips of the toes. Releasing any worries about your next steps or the direction you’re taking.

Then you can take the breath down and out through the shoulders, arms and out through the fingertips. Letting go of any burdens, any tendencies to give to much, any resistance to receiving what’s freely given.

As you notice your cleansing breath sweeping through your whole body, notice any areas of tension.

You can, if you choose, send extra healing breaths to those spaces.

When you’ve released as much as you want to release, let yourself be open to filling your whole body and energy field with a glorious, golden, healing light energy.

Allow yourself to rest in this golden light as it permeates every cell in your system and you imagine yourself being open to flourishing beyond your wildest dreams.

Big love,

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