Giving Yourself a Taste of What You’re Looking Forward To – Right Now

When I move into my more permanent abode this summer, one of the MANY things I’m looking forward to about it is the hallway.

It’s a small space inside the front door which overlooks the Reek (Croagh Patrick).

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I keep thinking how gorgeous it will be to drink hot water* curled up in a chair and reading or journalling as I look at that magnificent mountain.

And how (gorgeous as my current surroundings are and how LUCKY I’ve been to have landed on my feet here) wonderful it’ll feel to unpack ALL of my stuff and really get more grounded and settled in wondrous Westport, my new home town.

This morning, I decided to take my mug outside to a mountain view from this beautiful temporary abode (you can’t see much due to the weather at the moment but I can still FEEL it).

What do you want?

When you think about what you want most right now, you might know exactly what that is or you may feel stumped by the question.

Whether you’re conscious of something big that you’ve been moving towards or the simple act of checking in with how you’re feeling is already a huge shift, what is a turtle step you might take in the direction of what you want?

Turtle steps are a wonderful concept from the marvelous Martha Beck where you break down actions towards your goal into steps SO small, you almost can’t help but take them – turtle steps are smaller than baby steps.

Can you think of a turtle step you want to take today?

What are you most looking forward to?

One of my favourite aspects of yoga nidra is the allowing of a sankalpa to come from the heart. The silently repeating that positive intention or resolve a few times, in the present tense, using the imagination and all the senses to make it as vivid as possible.

Using the same Sankalpa over time helps harness the power of the unconscious so we take those turtle steps and larger actions in the direction of our dreams rather than getting derailed when our goals are less congruent.

As you imagine getting what you want and how it might look, sound, feel, taste and smell, how does it feel to pick one element of that and bring it into your day today?

My mug of hot water is so simple but makes me smile each time I imagine it.

How might you give yourself a taste of being where you want to be TODAY?

If you’d like my support in figuring out what you want and making it a reality for yourself, you can find out more about my services and, if my approach appeals, get in touch to book a free no obligation telephone consultation.

Or you might want to become your own self care coach and maybe ponder the questions above and journal or talk to a trusted friend to help you stay accountable to yourself.

If you’d like to share what your taste of where you want to be might be, I’d love to hear from you – if you’d rather not post publicly.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

*I adore a mug of hot water. I often choose it over a mug of herbal tea although I have a delightful selection of those, too. I quit coffee before I quit alcohol in 2001 as neither agreed with me (causing pain). I sometimes add Bee Free Honee, sometimes with an ice cube. I used to love fresh lemon and ginger but rarely had the energy to prepare it in the morning so now, thanks to Emma Turnbull‘s suggestion, I make batches by squeezing a few lemons at a time, grating in some ginger and pouring some maple syrup then pouring the mixture (maybe with a drop of boiling water to help it mix) into ice cube trays (with the leftover mix in a jar in the fridge). This way, I can easily start the day with this delightful and healthy mix with minimum effort, simply pouring a little of the fridge mix or popping an ice cube into my morning hot water.

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