Happy Summer Solstice and International Yoga Day! EFT to Help You Shine

Because it’s International Yoga Day, I’m sharing an EFT (tapping – nothing to do with yoga) script you might want to experiment with.

Designed for the Solstice, it’ll help you connect those feelings you may have around NOT wanting to shine or express your full potential. About feeling not good enough – or maybe too much.

EFT is a wonderful tool to help us acknowledge how we’re truly feeling and then release it.

As ever when I share scripts online and with clients, I encourage you to use your own words where mine don’t resonate with how you’re feeling or – as we move into the shiny, confidence building round – want to be feeling.

You know yourself best.

I hope you enjoy it and have fun adapting it to release those energy blocks (fantabulous time of year to be letting go of all that gets in the way of our capacity to shine our inner light more).

AND, in honour of International Yoga Day, here’s a lovely breath practice, Dirga, you might enjoy. It’s wonderful for letting go of all that stale, old air and replacing it with fresh air and oxygen for more energy and clarity:

As ever, if you’d like my support in improving your confidence, finding more purpose, meaning and joy or anything else, you can find out more about working with me HERE.

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And, of course, my emphasis is on self care. you don’t need me or anyone else to give yourself some time and space to reflect on what you’re ready to release (maybe journalling, maybe writing on loose paper and safely burning it, maybe on loo roll and flushing it) and then joyfully anticipating all the wondrousness you’re ready to welcome into your life this Solstice and beyond.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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