This time three months ago, I’d been in limbo for months. I’d signed the paperwork to exchange in January, the buyers had pulled out in early Feb (second time the sale had fallen through at Exchange) and then got back on board but it was all happening very slowly.

With a No Deal Brexit looking possible for 29th March and me feeling incredibly stuck in terms of not knowing if I was coming or going (but knowing that no way was I risking quarantine for Rainbow MagnifiCat), I decided to book the ferry for the 29th and HOPE that all would come together.

I’d been planning the move for over a year so hoped that my metaphorical boat would be prepared enough for potentially turbulent tides. I remember sitting on the ferry, looking at my empty key chains and thinking how odd it was (and, of course, how lucky I am compared to so many who have to make new starts which aren’t as longed for as mine was).

I then had 9 days to find somewhere to live – arranging to meet a stranger at a bus stop in London, hoping that the studio I’d only seen pictures of would be suitable for Rainbow and me for the first few months of our new lives here.

I actually chose this spot based on pictures of the driveway and gardens thinking Rainbow would love it (I’ve just been interviewed for Metro about cats helping our mental health – she’s certainly responsible for my new country lifestyle – I’d intended to move into the town centre).

There were so many other leaps of faith, some which worked out eventually, others not at all but overall, while I’m still in the early stages of getting my bearings, I’ve known it was the right decision for me all along.

When you think about your own life, which leaps of faith have you been most aware of?

How did they work out for you?

When you think back, what would you like to be telling Past You, having come through the upheaval and inevitable challenges?

Do you wish you’d leaped sooner?

I have a melodramatic streak (regular readers and people who know me may already know this) but even I flinch at this idea of building wings on the way down.

Was there another way between where you are and where you want to be?

Might you have climbed down more gradually?

Stayed put?

What helps you when you make big changes?

What supports might you put in place as you navigate a change you’re making now? (If my approach appeals and you’d like to work with me, do get in touch for a free telephone consultation).

One of the best things we can do for ourselves when preparing for a big change or navigating any kind of uncertainty (aka being ALIVE) is to stay as grounded as possible, even as we plan to leap.

Walking, running, cyling or even sitting in nature is very grounding and has a whole host of health benefits (how lucky am I?). A University of Derby study found that time in nature could help ease anxiety, depression and other mental health issues as well as boosting self-esteem.

There were times when I was new here or when I’d hit an unexpected challenge that I really struggled with my morning meditation, yoga and eft practice that has been a big part of every morning for many years now.

My focus was off and it was a real challenge even though I KNOW how beneficial these self care practices are.

Bridge pose is one of my favourites during times of transition as it helps us reflect on all the ways in which we’re constantly bridging gaps between where we were and where we’re going.

Choosing extra grounding crystals to have around me and on me (I make my jewelry work hard) helped, too. And once I was more settled, preparing soups, smoothies, big batches of vegan mashed potato etc helped.

What else springs to mind as you ponder a change you’re already planning or let yourself dream bigger than you might have in the past?

You can do this!

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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