When Does Fear Hold You Back? When Does it HELP You?

I fear I forgot my microphone so hope you can hear enough of today’s video about fears holding us back and also helping us.

As the Summer Solstice approaches and we think about our place in the world and our contributions, it’s so easy to get stuck in fear. Here are a few of mine just from today:

  • that I’d step on the live Baby Mouse Rainbow MagnifiCat smuggled in last night
  • that I’d step on a DEAD Baby Mouse
  • that I’d see no sign of Baby Mouse and it would make a home in one of my many unpacked boxes and eat through many of my favourite books before I get to my next home
  • that I’d not hear cars in the wind and not be able to get out of the road in time (just after noticing this fear, I gave a deer in headlights look to a driver who HAD got closer than normal as I hadn’t heard his car. He smiled (and I think laughed at my look of terror) but it was OK
  • that The Dog Who Thinks I’m a Sheep would be loose again and catch up to me
  • that if I paddled out in an attempt to swim, I’d sink through the mud flats (I used to be terrified of quick sand and sinking mud as a kid) and never come out
  • that if something happened to me on the roads or in the sea or any other way, there’d be a delay between people finding out and organising appropriate Rainbow care

These are just a small selection (anxiety is one of my specialisms because I have so much personal as well as professional experience of working with it).

How about you? What fears have you noticed today so far?

What about bigger fears? When you think about things you really want to achieve in life?

People you want to connect with but might be scared of rejection?

Scared of being too much?

Not enough?

You might want to journal or reflect on some of these (and if you want to work with me, do get in touch).

How might your fears be trying to help you?

My most obvious ones today so far meant I was super careful about each footstep (am now telling myself that Baby Mouse has managed to set her or himself free by using the attempt at Baby Mouse ladder I made up to the half door).

It’s also a good thing that I’m getting to know the local dogs and can adjust my speed to save a reserve of energy at certain points I might have to peddle faster at (I also spoke to TDWTIAS’s humans the other day so that feels better) and to be aware and alert on the roads.

It’s a good thing I didn’t attempt to swim today and that I’m doing more research about sea swimming in unknown (to me) waters. I’ll figure it out and have delightful SAFE sea swims.

I’m a bit afeared of the Summer Solstice workshop I’m so looking forward to on Sunday being too weird for Westport. I’ve facilitated so many workshops over the years but this is the first that’s so obviously tied to the Celtic Wheel.

I’ve been working with the energies of the Sabbats since my 20s, using them to reflect on each changing season. It now seems obvious to bring together my self care coaching, guided visualisation, crystal coaching, yoga, eft and more to help others who are interested in using this glorious, expansive, sun-shiny energy to become braver in their own lives and work.

But in my 15 years of coaching, adding additional therapies and supervision along the way, and my 15 years of freelance journalism, being scared is pretty much my default state.

Every time I pitch a new editor. Every time I file a feature or column for a known editor. Any time I do anything to promote my book, 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing. Any time I teach a new class or attend a new training.

These fears don’t stop me but help me know I’m constantly growing and evolving.

In the past, I’d tell myself to not be so silly (I’ve had to learn the kinder self-talk). Now, I use them. I double check the feature I’m filing or whatever it is I’m offering.

I ground more, remembering that it’s not all about my ego but instead connecting with the heart of the earth’s nourishing, supportive energy and asking to be used for my highest good and that of all involved and the planet.

What elements of your work bring out more fear for you? How do you (or might you) use it to your advantage?

What about fear in other aspects of your life?

I still have spaces for Sunday’s Your Time to Shine Summer Solstice workshop and it would be lovely to see you if you can make it (you can book your space HERE).

And if you’d like to share something you’re afraid of but aren’t going to let stop you, you’re welcome to comment or email eve@selfcarecoaching.net

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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