When You Let Yourself Dream Big, What Helps You Anchor It?

I’m using my move as an example because I’ve spent so much of the past few months wondering if I’ve been bodysnatched by someone way more adventurous than me while also feeling like I’ve come home.

Your goal or dream is likely to be very different.

But whatever it is, how does it feel to connect with it now? To LET yourself dream big and imagine yourself having a positive impact on the world simply by being more YOU?

What (in your imagination) are you doing?

Who are you with?

How do you feel?

How might you anchor the sense of exuberant confidence – even as other parts of you might feels scared, overwhelmed and out of your depth – to help you keep going as you take each little step into a life that makes your spirit soar and heart sing?

You might – like me – use a view. I turned a picture of the view from Westport Quay into my logo so I saw it several times a day and it helped me stay focused.

You might have a picture on your phone that you can use to inspire you – what happens to your energy levels if you turn it into the wallpaper and background on your phone and computer?

Are you more inspired to take those little (sometimes dull and frustrating) steps in that direction?

Maybe you have a different anchor – a song (as a ringtone or simply to dance to a few times a day)?

Maybe you’re wanting to prioritise your creativity and placing a paintbrush or nice pen in strategic spots around your home will remind you to paint or write more?

What springs to mind for YOU?

If you’re local enough to Westport or visiting, you can book for my Your Time to Shine: Summer Solstice workshop at the Quay Community Centre on Sunday 23rd.

If not, you can still work with me if my approach appeals.

And you don’t need anyone to journal or reflect on how you’d like to use this time of year’s expansive, confidence boosting energies to dream bigger as you contribute your contribution to the world and what you’d really love to be doing more of.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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