Highlights from Resilience Week 2

My own resilience has been tested a lot this week – beaurocracy around moving countries. In spite of everything, it’s comforting to recognise that my resilience is way better now than it was in the past and, of course, the spectacular views help me keep that bigger picture in mind as I navigate the red tape and appreciate all the amazing support I have available to me.

Also, while I’ve been feeling frustrated at things moving far slower than I’d like (am only beginning to feel more competent and organised again this week – I moved just over a MONTH ago), others have said how quickly I’m getting organised and sorted so yet another reminder to make that self-take kinder.

What’s testing your resilience this week?

I hope you’ll find the tips from this week helpful in terms of reminding you how you can better support your own resilience with as much gentleness and self-compassion as possible.

Which idea are you most drawn to right now? What other ideas, from your own self-care toolkit, could support you right now?

This tree is one I’ve walked past many times as I cut through the beautiful grounds at Westport House to get between town and the Quay. I think it’s my all time favourite tree (and I’ve got a lot of favourite trees). I imagine it having survived lightning and all sorts over its lifetime and still it stands, growing more rooted and strengthened by every storm. How does it feel to think about the storms in your life and how they’ve made your own roots stronger and deeper? You may want to journal about it if helpful.

Again, you might want to journal to connect with some ways in which you can be extra gentle with yourself as you become more resilient. What springs to mind? Can you allow yourself this nourishment or is your default to just get through whatever life is throwing at you? Notice whatever it is you’re feeling.

I’m also a journalist and writer so Nora Ephron’s famous advice from her screenwriter parents, ‘Everything’s copy’ is one of my mantras. Sometimes, I simply journal to help myself process. Other times, I’ll write a feature or column or something else, including advice from specialists in that area, helping myself as I learn along with my readers. I might also think about longer term future projects and how current things might be described then. It helps me begin to take that wider view. To laugh at whatever’s testing my resilience even as I go through the lesson.

You might process things differently, reflecting while you run, garden, paint… What springs to mind for you?

Too often, we don’t take that time to pause, regroup, ponder better footwear or coats (I’ve moved to the Wild Atlantic Way). But by taking just a small time out to think about what we need for the part of the journey we’re on, we often can make life so much easier for ourselves. What supports spring to mind for you right now?

I love Christiane Sanderson’s work around shame and authentic pride and mention it, as well as (obviously) Brene Brown’s in my book. How do you feel as you imagine letting go of some of the shame you’ve been carrying for being a human being with flaws and foibles? Letting it go and imagining it actually nourishing your ongoing growth?

Would you like to boost your resilience or benefit from some of my support as you navigate a resilience testing time? Get in touch today to find out how I can help – eve@selfcarecoaching.net

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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