I’ve learned, over the years, to use what doesn’t feel good (pain, burnout, stress, frustration etc etc) to make tweaks to support a greater sense of purpose, meaning and joy. Everything is information.

It’s not about some magical unicorn, rainbow and butterflies denial or delusion. Instead, by connecting with the whole emotional spectrum, we become better at deliberately doing more of the things that feel good and learn to set healthier boundaries where needed.

What sparks joy guides us to a greater sense of purpose and meaning.

I’m especially conscious that connecting with that more expansive energy around purpose, meaning and joy can feel challenging, self-indulgent or even anxiety inducing if you’ve been in survival mode for ages.

How does it feel to imagine yourself thriving? You might want to journal or talk to a loved one, therapist or coach.

What do you notice?

a) Where are you? Is it somewhere accessible to you in real life? I started off by imagining the sea then I started forcing myself to take some time out of each working week, in the summer, to get the two trains to the seaside and swim. Then I started imagining living there and started seeing some clients so sea paddling (or at least walking by it) year round and then I decided to move to a different, wilder coast. My initial thought of the sea felt like a fantasy but by taking that regular time to make space for what felt good, I started transforming my whole life

b) Are you on your own? With others? How do you know you feel that purpose, meaning and joy? What are you conscious of when you think of these people if others are present?

c) What are you doing? How are you contributing or making a positive difference? Doing things that help ourselves is wonderful but the bigger the sense of purpose, the more motivated that sense can become. How will your family and loved ones benefit? Wider community? The world? This isn’t to put pressure on you but to help you notice the times this illusive sense of purpose, meaning and joy feels closest

d) What else are you aware of? How are you standing or sitting as you connect with these thoughts and feelings? You can anchor them in your body and access it again each time you stand or sit in this way. Maybe journalling or creating art will help you use whatever’s coming up for you as a guide

I’d love to hear from you if you want to share.

How do you feel about the way you’re expressing yourself in different areas of your life?

This week’s video focuses on EFT and it’s a Spring Equinox / Ostara focused script (change as relevant for you – your own words will always resonate more than anyone else’s) to aid regrowth, letting go and boosting balance.

Did this question give you a jolt or did you enjoy it? It’s a bit extreme but can help us access a clarity that’s impossible to maintain 24/7.

What comes up for you? You might want to journal or speak to someone and hopefully, make some tweaks or transformations to help you create the amazing rest of life (however old or young you are) you deserve.

If you’d like some support, get in touch to book a free telephone consultation. My purpose, meaning and joy page has more information about potential ways of working with this.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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