Highlights from Sleep Week 2

This week’s tools are all about helping you Sleep Well.

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It varies for me. I’m a bit odd in that I enjoy waking up at least a couple of times in the night so I can think, ‘OOooooooooh, another ____ hours’ AND, I love my life (most of the time) so generally enjoy starting each day.

I’ve also spent a long time creating a lifestyle which means I can work more with my natural body clock. I’m far better off at night so see clients later into the evening and often work late with writing work and admin – it suits me much better than trying to get up extra early – am drafting this at 10pm to get a head start on tomorrow’s work. It’s rare for me to have those 5am starts (thank god/dess) but when I do, they’re OK.

This is a massive change from when I was younger and perpetually exhausted. Sleep is probably (second only to self talk) one of the biggest aspects of self care I can think of.

If you’re:

a) Frustrating as sleep deprivation can be, it’s all information. See c to help you notice patterns but also, go easy on yourself. Is there something that stands out as an obvious way to get more/better sleep? What has stopped you doing this in the past? How does it feel to imagine prioritising your sleep and making b your default? Sometimes, at the risk of getting too transpersonal on you, sleep issues can point us in the direction of what our souls are wanting to wake up to. Are you sleepwalking through life? What inspires and excites you? We’ll be looking more at finding more purpose, meaning and joy next week but notice how you feel as you ask yourself this question now.

b) Fantabulous! Has sleep always been easy for you? If not, what has helped you get to this stage? How can you keep doing those things more deliberately? (See c, too) Keep it up and don’t worry about any blips.

c) You might want to start a Sleep Detective Log where you make a note of what helps and hinders your sleeping well. You’ll find more information about doing this in my book, 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing (READ MORE…) and in the free 33 Ways to Sleep Well download you can sign up for but, in a nutshell, it’s about noting patterns which contribute to your waking up feeling energised and refreshed (foods, exercise, who you spend time with, what you spend time on) v wanting to weep with tiredness.

What’s your biggest support for sleeping well? You might want to journal your answers or share on my social media – you won’t be the only person to be struggling or triumphing with this.

Not at all suggesting you do (or even want to) do the same but thinking about our ancestors natural cycles and the way we are wired can help us go that little bit easier on ourselves when we feel the need to hibernate.

Does the idea of rising and sleeping with the sun sound like something out of a horror film or idyllic?

We’ll be working with finding more purpose, meaning and joy (READ MORE…) next week but what springs to mind, right now, when you imagine yourself feeling energised, refreshed and well… the world as your lobster – what would you like to DO?

If you’d like some support, you can find out more about my Sleep Well Online Programme (incorporating elements from coaching, psychosynthesis counselling, yoga, meditation, nlp, eft and crystal therapy) HERE

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Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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