Happy New Year! Ways to Bring What was Best About the Break into Your 2019

  • Reflecting on your holiday highlight/s? How might you bring a taste of that into your year ahead?
  • Setting little boundaries with loved ones and others throughout the year
  • Making more time for family and friends year round
  • Making more time for YOU – I go into a fair bit of detail about something I’ve been doing these last four or five years with my 24 hour silences over the Christmas break (see below for more ideas, too)
  • Thinking more about your theme for 2019 (see below for the angel card options I mention, too)

24 hour silence

I love this. I make my own rules and you can do the same depending on what your soul craves.

For me, Christmas is perfect for this as I’ve spent loads (for me – am more introverted than extraverted) of time with loved ones so it’s balancing rather than too much of either. Also, we have more bank holidays than at any other time of year (at time of writing in the UK).

I let loved ones know that I’m switching my phone off (but keeping the landline on in case of emergency). I then unplug from any noise I can unplug from – no telly, music. This year, I rushed to finish a wash load and blend some oat milk shakes in order to not have such noise during my silence. I didn’t stop myself boiling the kettle though – my point is that you can tweak it for yourself.

I spend more time journaling and meditating and reflecting but also allow myself to read (books feel more fitting than magazines somehow – less noisy).

I want it to feel indulgent as well as challenging and if I were to make it completely rigid in any way, my inner critic would be back out in force so, if you choose to do it, you might make it easier or harder depending on your own preferences.

24 hours might also not be possible for your lifestyle. Or you might need longer. Pick any timeframe that suits you. I love that I already have an hour or so built into my every day life with my yoga, meditation and EFT practice. If you’re new to this, an HOUR may feel far too long. Experiment. See what feels best for you.

What’s your theme for 2019?

I shared this a few weeks back on my social media then added some Angel Card options in case people wanted some support. I’ll post the pics below in case you would to and have loved hearing from people – on my pages and by message – what they chose and how they felt about it.

If you want to choose from these options, as your Highest Self / Divine Love / God / Goddess / the Universe / Angels / Miraculous Self or whatever makes most sense to you for guidance and pick one.

Then see which one it was.

Notice your reaction. Keep this as your theme if you want or use it as a starting point to pick whatever else resonates for you.

My theme for the year is JOY and I love it. It’s the simplest I’ve ever had, came straight from the heart and encapsulates all my other ongoing themes.

Choosing joy has already had an impact, as I mentioned in the video. Something that used to feel like a complete indulgence felt more meh. Everything we feel (even if, as I was, we’re judging ourselves for feeling ungrateful) is information and when I used this information, I was able to reprioritise moving forward.

Whatever you’re doing, however you’re feeling, I hope you can take some time to allow your whole self to breathe, even as work and life get busy and take over more.

As ever, I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions, comments, feedback or if you’re interested in working with me.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor




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