Wellbeing Wednesday: 7 Simple Ways to Work With Energy

When I talk about energy work, you may be imagining a whole range of things from simply rolling over and pressing snooze on the alarm or cancelling previously looked forward to plans due to low energy.

Maybe you’re thinking of things like EFT (click HERE), crystals (click HERE), the chakra system (click HERE for more about my unique Rainbow Coaching for Self Care Online Programme) and yoga and meditation (click HERE) which help us release energy blocks, befriend our own energy systems and, with focus and practice, transform our lives.

Many of my clients are used to my asking them how they feel in their bodies as we talk about different options available to us. Our bodies are filled with so much wisdom if we just listen. Looking after our own energy is such a simple yet challenging thing to do in a world in which so many people pride themselves on being busy.

When we don’t, we can find ourselves forced to rest due to illness or injury. This rest can then lead to breakthroughs as we learn to set appropriate boundaries in our lives, understand our energetic needs and support ourselves better.

I’m drafting this at nearly 10pm which isn’t ideal. But I had a busy day with clients and then my delightful feral kitten interlude. I knew it (and other choices I made earlier on) would result in late night working but I also knew I’d be energised from the delight they’d bring. And I am.

I hope these tips will help you feel better and more energised:

  1. Listen to your own energies – At a very basic level, notice whether your heart lifts or sinks when you imagine yourself doing different things in your schedule. What chores or activities inspire you, feel expansive and energise you? Which make you feel tired to even contemplate them? Is there a way you can delegate or simply not do even some of the energy sapping activities. How might it feel to have more time and energy for the things that make your heart sing?
  2.  Choose a crystal to support you – I love the way there’s a stone for pretty much anything we can even imagine. I share some of the traditional meanings as well as ways of working intuitively with crystals in my book, 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing (White Owl, £14.99. Click HERE). You can access some bonus videos HERE. If you’re feeling low, you can ask to be guided to a stone to boost your mood. If you’re wanting to feel grounded or protected, you can choose stones with these energies. Same with abundance, love, peace, wisdom, good health – whatever you can think of. It’s simply a matter of tuning in and experimenting with them.
  3. Tap those energy blocks away – I go on about the benefits of EFT so much, I sometimes roll my own eyes at myself. But it works. Really quickly and simply. Based on acupressure points used in Chinese Medicine, we’re simply tapping the ends of these energy meridians that course throughout the body while repeating simple statements that help us honour and let go of less pleasant energies and feelings. Click HERE for a simple how to video.
  4. Use your body – My morning yoga practice is one of the ways in which I check in with my own energy levels. Sometimes, I do what I consider to be a ‘proper’ practice. Other days, like today, just one or two poses. Today it was a simple Standing Forward Fold. Rather than beat myself up over not having more energy (thus draining the little energy I have), I’ve learned to use the information more compassionately and go that much easier on myself wherever possible throughout the day. We can use our bodies to lift our moods and calm our systems. Experiment with what different poses do to your energy levels and moods. What helps you feel more empowered and confident? You might find these poses and descriptions a helpful starting point (click HERE)
  5. Express your feelings – A lot of our energy blocks come about by us attempting to suppress how we’re actually feeling. We might numb them with food, drugs, alcohol, work – whatever your own default might be. What would happen if you allowed yourself to express more of your feelings? This isn’t about becoming overly self-indulgent and brattish but by honouring how we’re feeling and choosing how to give voice to them appropriately (expressing our anger, sadness, pain or even joy in a safe way), we’re far less likely to act out on them or, in more extreme cases, get ill. How might it feel to stamp your feet or scream or sing or howl with laughter or have a great cry?
  6. Notice what you need – Often (especially at this time of year as the trees model – in this hemisphere – letting go of their leaves so beautifully), it’s about decluttering our schedules, lives and homes. You may need to go back to bed and rest or you may be inspired to donate all those excess _____________ to good causes, allowing your home more space and releasing stagnant energy in your home. It might be a space clearing meditation (you can download one for free HERE) or cleaning and space clearing your home by flinging open all the windows and/or using sage, incense or sound. It might be recognising that certain loved ones or (far easier) acquaintances, are too much for your energy system at this time and doing less with them until you’re able to set healthier boundaries with them.
  7. Fill the vacuum – We spend so much time thinking about how we don’t want to feel and releasing blocked energies, people sometimes forget that nature abhors a vacuum. It’s really helpful to pause and think about what energies you want more of in your life. Again, you may revisit the crystals (above) to help ground these energies (you can even plant some in houseplants or in your garden) but you can simply take a few moments to imagine a ball of healing golden light energy a few feet above you pouring that healing light all around your energy field and into it. Filling every cell of your being – especially areas of yourself, and, if you choose to expand this to fill your home and other spaces with this golden, healing, grounded energy there, with this glorious light energy. Let your soul bathe in this glorious grounded golden light. Imagine it permeating every cell of your being/home/workspace/car or whatever you’re working with. (click HERE to find out more about Energetic NLP) From this peaceful, contented, empowered space, you might want to visualise the day ahead panning out with effortless grace and ease…

Which of these tips appeal most?


How might you do more of what makes your heart sing in the hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades ahead?

I’d love to hear how you get on if you’d like to share in the comments or email me (eve@selfcarecoaching.net).

And in case you’re wondering about the feral kittens, they seem to be doing fine.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor


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