Wellbeing Wednesday: 5 quick ways to tune into your inner knowing

The other day, I (briefly, thankfully) forgot about walking my walk and instead starting spinning mentally as I tried to predict all sorts of scenarios I have absolutely no control over. This was a far from peaceful interlude and was entirely fear based.

Fortunately, I remembered my tool kit pretty quickly and thought I’d share some of what I reminded myself about in this week’s video and blog post. I hope you’ll find them helpful.

  1. Set an afformation – similar to affirmations, I prefer these (and am currently writing a feature about them which I’ll share when it’s published in January) as we’re getting our Future Selves on board. Accessing all that inner wisdom by asking that inner, knowing part of ourselves HOW did I… So, an affirmation might be, ‘I’m living a joyful life in wondrous Westport’ but, with my move delayed, even typing this as an example felt a little disheartening. I know I’ll get there soon but framing it as an afformation, eg, ‘How did I create my joyful life in wondrous Westport?’ shifts my energy around it. I has me feeling more curious about the process, open to things I may not have yet considered. What would be a useful afformation for you to play with?
  2. Set an intention at the start of your yoga class or home practice or as part of your yoga nidra or even before a walk or swim. Ask for any insights – for your highest good and that of all concerned – to do with the question you’re pondering. Journal your insights afterwards to help ground them
  3. Toss a coin – long before I was working somatically as a therapist, coach and supervisor, I loved this simple approach for cutting out the overly analytical mind and instead, connecting with that gut feeling. Making heads mean one option and tails another, even though you know this is purely for information, not the thing you have to do, you will still get a gut sense of joy or disappointment when it lands
  4. Notice your energy lift and lower – you don’t even need a coin to toss to practice imagining different scenarios and notice how your body feels. Heavier? Lighter? Expansive? Tighter? Tingly? Cold? Hot? Butterflies? Nausea? Get used to your personal body language to discern when it’s encouraging you move forward and when to pause or stop. Our bodies hold so much wisdom when we learn to understand our whole selves
  5. Pick a card – I have dozens of decks of cards. From Tarot sets to Oracle cards and angel cards. I choose a couple each morning before I meditate and usually do a past/present/future spread before bed. Again, ask for guidance to support your highest good and that of all concerned.

What’s your favourite approach? 

What are you most likely to try?

Least likely to try?

And, if you’re not in a huge rush, sleep on it! Simply ask your unconscious mind for support before you go to sleep and have a journal ready to record any dreams and insights that arise when you wake up.

What helps you?

I’d love to hear what works in your life – you can comment below, on my YouTube link, on social media or simply send me an email.

And if you’re interested in doing more, click HERE.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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