Wellbeing Wednesday: What one thing would you most like to change?

Focus is not my favourite word – by a long stretch. When I change things, I like to change everything. And yet this can be overwhelming and lead to scattered energy.

Choosing to focus on improving one thing doesn’t mean giving up on the other things that could be better.

When I work with clients over several weeks, months and even years, we can dig deep and address all sorts of issues. Recurring themes emerge but there’s space to explore whatever comes up.

With my Single Session Therapy sessions, they are most effective when clients know what they want to change. My ‘change your life in just one session’ might sound impossible.

Yet, for many people, one session is all they need because they have that focus and motivation to implement the road map we begin designing in that session.

I would have loved such an option years ago. I didn’t want to sign up for endless sessions. I wanted to know how I could help myself IMMEDIATELY.

Obviously, life happens and therapy (even over years) is never about ‘fixing’ things. Instead, by having that space to explore and connect with our own inner wisdom and resourcefulness, everything gets easier.

Choosing one area to begin with gives that boost. If you compare it to moving into a new home, you might feel overwhelmed by all the work that needs to be done (whether this is deep, structural renovation work or simply unpacking and creating your new space).

Starting with one room doesn’t mean you’ll forget about the other rooms but gives you that sanctuary rather than doing a little in all the rooms and feeling that it will never feel like home.

If you were to choose one ‘room’ in your life to focus on, what might that be?

What do you imagine this room (or area of your life) to look like when you’ve sorted it? Give yourself permission to imagine the magic wand approach – we don’t need to limit ourselves with practicalities at this stage and the grander vision will keep you inspired.

I’d love to hear what one thing you’d most like to change in the comments below (or you can email eve@selfcarecoaching.net).

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor



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