Wellbeing Wednesday: Are you sabotaging your ability to flourish?

As I prepare to give away more plants before I move, I was admiring these, on my bathroom windowsill.

Then I remembered how I tried to put some in the hallway (no light at all) and in other spots where the odds were stacked against them.

As they struggled, my negative self-talk reminded me that I know very little about gardening, clearly wasn’t any good at even dealing with houseplants etc etc.

Then, I went back to the basics. I moved as many as I could to the windowsills and since then, with minimal input from me (sure, I chat to them every so often and keep them watered), they’re mostly flourishing.

When I started counselling, an early supervisor reminded me that while I might want to help my clients, simply being present and providing that safe space in the room for them to explore and come to their own realisations was more than enough.

We all crave light, water etc and yet we often put ourselves in situations that thwart these basic needs.

Then we can get caught up in shame spirals, blaming ourselves for failing to thrive in less than optimal or even toxic situations.

Can you think of any situation where you’re attempting to flourish outside of optimal conditions?

How can you bring more metaphorical light into your surroundings to support that inherent part of you – your Self / Higher Self / Miraculous Self – that KNOWS exactly what you need to grow and flourish and thrive?

If you were to pause right now and ask that part of you what it needs, how you can get out of your own way, what might it say?

I’d love to hear your comments and tips below.

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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