Feel Better Friday video: Moving more online as I prepare to leave Witham, Essex for the west coast of Ireland

Strange day, starting to pack up at the Feel Better Every Day Consultancy in Witham, Essex as I move more of my supervision and self-care coaching (with psychosynthesis, yoga, NLP, EFT and crystals) practice online in preparation for my move to Ireland.

I blogged* about mind maps a few weeks ago and they’ve been a god/desssend. Between them and my old skool desk diary, I’m keeping most of the balls in the air.

Am also making the most of the time I have here by seeing as much of my local loved ones (whom I’ll be back to visit loads and who will hopefully visit me, the sea and the mountains, too). That’s been huge in terms of managing this enormous change I first thought of just over 11 weeks ago – all is moving so quickly.

Visualising my ideal outcomes in as much detail as possible is another way I’m planning and preparing. I’ve been coaching since 2004 but it’s really in the past couple of months, with the glorious images of the sea and mountains, that I’ve fully understood the power of visualising what we WANT instead of worrying about what we fear.

And doing my best to trust and surrender. Reminding myself about ‘divine timing’ anytime my eye starts twitching as I attempt to figure out logistics I can’t yet even start preparing for as certain elements of the process are now out of my hands.

Even simply recognising, yes, much of my work is around helping people take better care of themselves, managing stress and anxiety etc. And yet my own anxiety levels have climbed higher than they’ve been for years (and their base line is higher than average – I was put on beta blockers at 22. It’s partly how I got into this work). It wouldn’t be normal to not feel some stress as well as a great deal of excitement and anticipation.

What helps you when you say goodbye to the old to let in the new?

Big love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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